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Expert Musky Lures and so much more!

Musky Lure Club (MLC) is all about one thing: Optimizing Your Time on the Water.  By doing so, we can guarantee that our members are putting themselves in the best possible position for musky fishing success.

Our Lure of the Month program is an exclusive membership that provides you with the highest-quality, hard-to-find musky lures – delivered right to your front door. The lures are chosen on a month by month basis using a rigorous selection process, which includes Musky Analytics and expert musky fishermen recommendations.

Click here to see how we choose our lures.

Musky Analytics is a revolutionary way to think about the world of musky fishing.  With Musky Analytics, we employ high-level statistical theory to refine your fishing approach.  As part of Musky Analytics, we offer our one-of-a-kind Musky Optimizer.  By using the Musky Optimizer, you can be assured that you are fishing the best possible lake and using the perfect lure given the conditions you define.  Additionally, with our Detailed Lake Reports, we have used Musky Analytics to identify hundreds of thousands of patterns unique to when you are fishing and the lake you are fishing.

It is time to take your musky fishing to the next level, and to stop wasting your precious little time on the water.  Join now, and begin to Optimize Your Time on the Water!